Post Brutal

Post Apocalyptic and brutal, Zombies walk through the remains of this graveyard that was once called a city .. You are one of the few who survived the collapse ..


Post Brutal is a new commercial game I am developing for mobile devices ( with a port later for the desktop ), built with Unity3D. It is an Action-RPG inspired by Fallout and Dues Ex with a zombies – like theme. There are 2 more members of the Post Brutal team who are helping with the story and general game design. We also have a secondary team who we outsource to for some of the art, translation work, etc.

Even though the game is influenced by the games mentioned above, it has come into it’s own, and is actually built around 2 core technologies I developed late last year in 2011. Because of the competitive nature of games, I won’t be talking about those killer features until close to the game’s completion .. What I will say, is that it’s going to be awesome and something you’ve probably never seen before in games! =)  We’ll still show other parts of the development, such as how the gameplay works, some of the locations of the game, and more!


Post Brutal Updates

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Thanks very much for your interest, we’d love to hear your thoughts! =)

– Mel