Unity3D Plugins


LDC – Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes

An amazingly intuitive Cutscene and Dialog UI System! Using easy custom editors, this industry proven framework can effortlessly create powerful localized UIs for cutscene-style dialogs, visual novels, user prompts, passwords and more! Build once, deploy anywhere! Works on Desktop, Weband Mobile with resolution independance! Now supports other 3rd Party Tools! Compatible With Unity 3.5 and 4.0!

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Dark Crimson For LDC

Dark Crimson is a set of modern GUISkins created for LDC. Dark Crimson utilises modern dark grey backdrops and curves to provide a visually appealing base for the wine coloured buttons and trim of the skin. This GUISkin series works great for visual novels and games set in a modern or futuristic sci-fi setting.

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Mesh Kit

MeshKit is an integrated system for editing and optimising meshes, with a deep asset management back-end which cleans your unused assets and helps protect your meshes from accidental deletion. MeshKit offers also offers some handy tools to separate, combine, flip, or make double-sided meshes. It is also possible to dynamically rebuild meshes with or without tangents and normals on the fly – all without affecting the original meshes.

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Interaction Kit

Interaction Kit is an innovative and powerful system to handle practically any kind of interaction in your games. It is possible to build interactions with the kind of depth you’d see in popular RPG games. Anything from simple door triggers, switches, complex quests or even non-linear conditional speech can be built with InteractionKit’s incredibly easy to use visual logic system.

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Pool Kit

PoolKit Icon

PoolKit is the ultimate, easy-to-use, streamlined, professional pooling solution for Unity. It tackles the problem of garbage collection as a result of instantiating objects which can cause lag and gameplay stuttering. PoolKit’s unique approach to pooling can be up to 77% faster than instantiation and is first to introduce innovative new features such as “Pool Types”, “Chain-Spawning” and “Automatic Despawning”. Take your games to the next level with PoolKit!

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Data Kit

DataKit is a unique cross-platform data serialization system to automatically handle most aspects of saving and loading your game’s data. Features include local and global data, save slots, save points, data groups, obfuscation, encryption and even automatic screenshots. Another great DataKit feature is the intuitive visual debugger, allowing you to view, edit, delete and restore your serialized data in real-time while testing your games in the Editor! DataKit is a powerful core asset that any game project would benefit from!

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